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    Software (OOB) - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Can Supermicro eStore help me generate OOB license key if I purchased it from a reseller/distributor?

    Unfortunately, Supermicro eStore can only generate OOB license key on purchases made on our eStore. You will have to contact the reseller/distributor you purchased the OOB license key from for your order status.

    I have my OOB license key, how do I activate my key?

    There are 3 ways (IPMI Web GUI, SUM, SSM) of activating your key. Please click here for a detailed instruction on how to activate your OOB key.

    How do I find out if my motherboard supports OOB License?

    There should be a list of motherboards on the OOB product page. If you do not see your motherboard on this lists that means OOB is not supported on your motherboard.

    I’m having issues generating OOB license key on the eStore, where can I find support?

    If you run into any issues with generating OOB license key, please contact our support via live chat or email

    Is there a format I need to input for BMC MAC Address and motherboard serial number in the data input area?

    Our data input area supports the following format:

    • BMC MAC Address
      • -XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX
    • Motherboard Serial Number
      • - XXXXXXXXXX

    Please make sure there are no spaces in between each BMC MAC Address and motherboard serial number. Our input area only supports one BMC MAC address or motherboard serial number per line.

    Can I return my OOB license key?

    All of our digital downloads (software) are final as we do not accept any returns

    Can I generate an OOB key with LAN MAC address?

    Currently, there are only two ways of generating an OOB key and that is through BMC MAC address and motherboard serial number. Any key generated by LAN MAC address will NOT work.

    It has been over an hour and I have not received any emails or notifications on when I can generate my OOB key. What should I do?

    If you have not received an email notification that your OOB key is ready to generate, we advise to check one of two things: 

    • Check your spam/junk folder in your email to see if the email is there.
    • Log in to our Supermicro eStore and click on My Software in My Accounts section and see if an invoice is generated. If it still says "Not Available yet" then we recommend contacting our customer support.