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Supermicro 80mm Axial Fan (FAN-0129L4)

  • Nidec Axial Fan - 80 x 80 x 38mm
  • Compatible with 2U Twin, 2U Twin², and 2U GPU Series Chassis
  • Fan Speed: 11,000 RPM
  • Supermicro Certified
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Nidec (V80E12BS2A5-57T07A1) FAN-0129L4 is a standard fan for 2U Twin, 2U Twin², and 2U GPU series chassis. This fan has been fully tested and validated by Supermicro to ensure the best quality and cooling performance.
More Information
Manufacturer Nidec
Fan Size 80mm
Rated Fan Speed 11000 RPM
Acoustic Noise Level 62.5 dBA
Maximum Airflow Rate 116.5 CFM
Rate Current (A) 1.95A
Connector 4 Pin
Dimensions 80L x 80H x 38W (mm)
Validated Systems SYS-2027TR-D70FRF, SYS-2027TR-D70QRF, SYS-2027TR-D70RF, SYS-2027TR-D70RF+, SYS-2027TR-H70FRF, SYS-2027TR-H70QRF, SYS-2027TR-H70RF, SYS-2027TR-H70RF+, SYS-2027TR-H71FRF, SYS-2027TR-H71QRF, SYS-2027TR-H71RF, SYS-2027TR-H71RF+, SYS-2027TR-H72FRF, SYS-2027TR-H72QRF, SYS-2027TR-H72RF, SYS-2027TR-H72RF+, SYS-2027TR-HTFRF, SYS-2027TR-HTQRF, SYS-2027TR-HTRF, SYS-2027TR-HTRF+, SYS-6027TR-D70FRF, SYS-6027TR-D70QRF, SYS-6027TR-D70RF, SYS-6027TR-D71FRF, SYS-6027TR-D71QRF, SYS-6027TR-D71RF, SYS-6027TR-DTFRF, SYS-6027TR-DTQRF, SYS-6027TR-DTRF, SYS-6027TR-H70FRF, SYS-6027TR-H70QRF, SYS-6027TR-H70RF, SYS-6027TR-H70RF+, SYS-6027TR-H71FRF, SYS-6027TR-H71QRF, SYS-6027TR-H71RF, SYS-6027TR-H71RF+, SYS-6027TR-HTFRF, SYS-6027TR-HTQRF, SYS-6027TR-HTRF, SYS-6027TR-HTRF+, SYS-6028TR-D72R, SYS-6028TR-DTR, SYS-6029TR-DTR
Search Terms A8-08038ANI-023C001, B8-08038ANI-033C001, V80E12BS2A5-57T07A1
Warranty 1 year warranty
Product Environmental Compliance RoHS and REACH compliant, details available upon request

This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to