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Supermicro 4U-5U Rail Kit (MCP-290-00057-0N)

  • Ball-Bearing Mechanism
  • For 17.2" Wide & 24" Display Chassis
  • Compatible with CSE-417, CSE-418, CSE-846, CSE-847, CSE-848, and CSE-842
  • Supermicro Certified
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This Supermicro 4U-5U Rail Kit (MCP-290-00057-0N) has a quick inner and outer rail release and can extend up to 36.4" in length. The rail kit is compatible with CSE-417, CSE-418, CSE-846, CSE-847, CSE-848, and CSE-842. This Supermicro rail kit has been fully tested and validated by Supermicro to ensure the best quality.

This rail kit includes*:
  • Inner Rail: 1 x MCP-290-00115-0N
  • Outer Rail: 1 x MCP-290-00117-0N
*Individual SKUs not sold separately
*All the installation instruction could be found in the chassis or system manual
More Information
Manufacturer Supermicro
Outer Rail Extendable Length 26.5" to 36.4"
Rail Kit Type Rail Kits
Designed For 4U-5U
Compatible Chassis CSE-417, CSE-418, CSE-846, CSE-847, CSE-848, CSE-842
Mechanism Ball-Bearing (Support Round Hole Racks with Adapter MCP-290-00060-0N)
Validated Systems AS-2023US-TR4, AS-4124GS-TNR, SSG-947R-E2CJB, SSG-2026T-DE2R24L, SSG-2027B-CIB020H, SSG-2027B-DE2R24L, SSG-6047R-E1R24L, SSG-6048R-DE2CR24L, SSG-6048R-E1CR24H, SSG-6048R-E1CR24L, SSG-6048R-E1CR24N, SSG-6048R-E1CR72L, SSG-6049P-E1CR24H, SSG-6049P-E1CR24L, SYS-2029GP-TR, SYS-2029U-E1CR4, SYS-2029U-E1CR4T, SYS-2029U-E1CR25M, SYS-2029U-E1CRT, SYS-2029U-E1CRTP, SYS-2029U-TR4, SYS-2029U-TR4T, SYS-2029U-TR25M, SYS-2029U-TRT, SYS-2029U-TRTP, SYS-2029UZ-TR4+, SYS-2048U-RTR4, SYS-2049P-TN8R, SYS-2049U-TR4, SYS-4047R-7JRFT, SYS-4048B-TR4FT, SYS-4048B-TRFT, SYS-5037MC-H8TRF, SYS-5037MC-H86RF, SYS-5037MR-H8TRF, SYS-5038MD-H8TRF, SYS-5038ML-H8TRF, SYS-5038MR-H8TRF, SYS-5039MC-H8TRF, SYS-5039MD8-H8TNR, SYS-5039MD18-H8TNR, SYS-5039MP-H8TNR, SYS-5039MS-H8TRF, SYS-6028U-E1CNR4T+, SYS-6028U-E1CNRT+, SYS-6028U-TNR4T+, SYS-6028U-TNRT+, SYS-6028U-TR4+, SYS-6028U-TR4T+, SYS-6028U-TRT+, SYS-6028U-TRTP+, SYS-6028UX-TR4, SYS-6029U-E1CR4, SYS-6029U-E1CR4T, SYS-6029U-E1CR25M, SYS-6029U-E1CRT, SYS-6029U-E1CRTP, SYS-6029U-TR4, SYS-6029U-TR4T, SYS-6029U-TR25M, SYS-6029U-TRT, SYS-6029U-TRTP, SYS-6029UZ-TR4+, SYS-8048B-TR4FT, SYS-8048B-TRFT
Validated Chassis CSE-417BE1C-R1K23JBOD, CSE-417BE1C-R1K28LPB, CSE-417BE1C-R1K28WB, CSE-417BE2C-R1K23JBOD, CSE-417BE2C-R1K28WB, CSE-417E16-R1400LPB, CSE-417E26-R1400LPB, CSE-418E16-R1K62B, CSE-418E16-R1K62B2, CSE-846A-R900B, CSE-846A-R1200B, CSE-846BA-R1K28B, CSE-846BA-R920B, CSE-846BE1C-R1K03JBOD, CSE-846BE1C-R1K23B, CSE-846BE1C-R1K28B, CSE-846BE2C-R1K03JBOD, CSE-846BE2C-R1K23B, CSE-846BE2C-R1K28B, CSE-846BE16-R1K28B, CSE-846BE16-R920B, CSE-846BE26-R1K28B, CSE-846BE26-R920B, CSE-846E16-R1200B, CSE-846E26-R1200B, CSE-846TQ-R900B, CSE-846TQ-R1200B, CSE-846XA-R1K23B, CSE-846XE1C-R1K23B, CSE-846XE2C-R1K23B, CSE-847A-R1400LPB, CSE-847BA-R1K28LPB, CSE-847BE1C-R1K28LPB, CSE-847BE1C-R1K28WB, CSE-847BE1C4-R1K23LPB, CSE-847BE2C-R1K28LPB, CSE-847BE2C-R1K28WB, CSE-847DE1C-R2K04JBOD, CSE-847DE2C-R2K04JBOD, CSE-847DE16-R1K28LPB, CSE-847E1C-R1K28JBOD, CSE-847E2C-R1K28JBOD, CSE-847E16-R1K28JBOD, CSE-847E16-R1K28LPB, CSE-847E16-R1K28WB, CSE-847E16-R1400LPB, CSE-847E16-R1400UB, CSE-847E16-RJBOD1, CSE-847E26-R1K28JBOD, CSE-847E26-R1K28LPB, CSE-847E26-R1K28WB, CSE-847E26-R1400LPB, CSE-847E26-RJBOD1, CSE-848A-R1K62B, CSE-848E16-R1K62B
Warranty 1 year warranty
Product Environmental Compliance RoHS and REACH compliant, details available upon request

This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to