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    Supermicro Servers

    • IPMI Web GUI
    • SUM
    • SSM
    • Open the web browser
    • Enter BMC IP address: https://bmc_ip_address
    • Login by entering user name and password
    • Select “Miscellaneous” from the top menu bar
    • Select “Activate License” from the left menu
    • Input the 24-digit OOB key obtained from Supermicro
    • Click “Active”
    • If successful, Node Product Key status would change from “Not activated” to “Activated”
    2. SUM
    • SUM can be downloaded from
    • Click on “Download SMCI Software” near bottom of the page
    • Upon finishing download, extract the content
    • Go to the SUM directory and run the command as shown below(example is shown in Windows)
      Note: SUM also works in Linux, please see SUM User Guide from the downloaded folder for detailed system requirement
    • After -i <IP or host name>
      -u <username>
      -p <password>
      --key <node product key obtained from Supermicro>
    • If successful, it will prompt “Node product key (OOB) is activated for 
    • SSM can be downloaded from
    • Click on “Download SMCI Software” near bottom of the page
    • Finish download, extract the content, and run the Installer
    • Finish the installation process, start the SSM Web GUI
    • Choose “Administration” from the left side bar(Image 1)
    • Choose “Node PK Activation” from the left side bar(Image 2)
    • Create a new .txt file and input the proper information in the correct format(i.e. removing the colons from the MAC address) as shown in Notes(Red Box in Image 3) The format is:
      Note each field is separated by ; (semi-colon)
    • Upload the .txt file, input correct IPMI ID/Password, and click “Activate”(Image 3)
    • Click “Run” on the prompted Window(Image 4)
    • If successful, the status would show “Success” and a green check mark(Image 5)
    Image 1

    Image 2

    Image 3

    Image 4

    Image 5